Organised Chaos

Welcome to the Organised Chaos Website.

We started out in januari 2012 as a 4 man band, with Lucas Baten on vocals and guitar, bizon on guitar, Jeffery on bass and Mathias on drums. We rehearsed a lot, we had our first gig on november 17th in the Negasonic together with Suspected Concussion.

We practiced further and played some more gigs with that line up until we decided that we wanted tot have a new singer who didn't have to focus on two things on the stage, that's when Jean De Coster joined in and we introduced him on a gig in The Flesh and Bones Skateprak in Aalst, where he just sang 1 (the last) song of the performance.

After that we didn't accept any gigs in order tot give Jean the chance tot properly learn all our songs and even add some new ones!